Advance Planning Philosophy

Throughout life we plan ahead for many of life's significant events. Making plans for funeral arrangements is a natural example of this.

Prearranging a funeral - whether that means preplanning, making specific arrangements, or pre-paying, is not for everyone but can be helpful for some. It gives assurance that your wishes and instructions are carried out, and reduces the burden for someone else in the future.

Preplanning is the informal process many of us have already started. For example, when we discuss with our family music we like, cemeteries we prefer, or other specific requests as they occur to us.

Prearranging a funeral takes this process one step further. Prearranging a funeral may include help from a funeral home recording these plans, biographical information and other information that may be required at the time of death. It also may include specific instructions for services and merchandise. Besides the importance of you and your family keeping a copy of this information, it can be very beneficial for the funeral home to have a copy available 24 hours a day.

Prepayment is a mechanism for setting aside and protecting funds meant to pay funeral expenses. This may not be best for everyone, but it can be a safe and economical way to provide for funeral expenses.

Our role is to help you determine which of these steps is best for you!

We offer our help at no cost or obligation to you. It can be done in your own home at a time convenient for you - or at the funeral home. We pledge honesty, integrity, meticulous attention to detail, and no pressure..... period! Our success would be measured by your peace of mind. These arrangements can be made by contacting us for our help. It can also be done online in our Advance Planning Section.

Getting Started

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Getting Started

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