What is a Blog?

Posted on December 09, 2013

Years ago when we developed our first web site we stated that our purpose was to use the technology as a means to enhance communication and exchange information.  At that time I had no idea that the internet would become such an important part of our life, that so many of us would be using it, and how innovative it would become in enhancing communication and making information so widely available.

If you have visited our web site before you will notice a new look. This is our third design. It was done locally by a great group of people at Far Reach. We designed it to do what we feel is important and get to you information we have learned you find useful.

When we began discussion about a new web site it was suggested that we include a blog as part of the design. My reaction was “What is a blog?’ and “What is in a blog?”  Come to find out it is and does exactly what we were trying to do with our first web site in 1998.  Blog was the word of the year for Webster Dictionary in 2004.  So I feel pretty good that I am only nine years behind the times.

What is going to be in our blog? Communication and information. After being around here for over 44 years I realize I may have something to blog about.

I began work for my grandpa Locke, dusting and washing cars, before I could drive.  I worked for my dad and uncle through high school and college, graduated from the University of Minnesota in 1973, and began work as a funeral director with them then. 

I look forward to sharing a little of what I may know.

Jack Locke


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