Talk of a Lifetime

Posted on January 16, 2014

I would direct your attention on our home page and at other locations in the site a video called Talk of a Lifetime.  This was produced by a consortium of business and associations serving funeral homes in our attempt to serve the public, the Funeral and Memorial Information Council.  This is their first project and worth your time to look at.

The premise is that we all have conversations with those we love.  Some of those conversations are easier than others – some are more meaningful that others.  The conversation it suggests and we all know makes sense, is the conversation about who we are.  What do we believe?  What are we proud of?

Along with the video there is a link to receive a brochure.   The link is   The brochure gives concrete suggestions.  It says that “Having the talk of a lifetime can make the difference of a lifetime.”   Think about it, you have to admit it is right.

The Talk of a Lifetime is not about death, grief, or funerals – it is about life, celebration, and the people you care most about. 

Take a look at the video, download the brochure, and consider the Talk of the Lifetime.

Jack Locke


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