• The Value of Gathering

    Posted on
    June 05, 2014
    Visitations, funerals and memorial services, now often called ‘Celebrations of Life,’ revere the recently deceased.  These events give family, friends and community members the opportunity to come together and recognize the life that was. While these gatherings and celebrations are about the death of a loved one, they are for the f... Read More

  • Talk of a Lifetime

    Posted on
    January 16, 2014
    I would direct your attention on our home page and at other locations in the site a video called Talk of a Lifetime.  This was produced by a consortium of business and associations serving funeral homes in our attempt to serve the public, the Funeral and Memorial Information Council.  This is their first project and worth your time to loo... Read More

  • What is a Blog?

    Posted on
    December 09, 2013
    Years ago when we developed our first web site we stated that our purpose was to use the technology as a means to enhance communication and exchange information.  At that time I had no idea that the internet would become such an important part of our life, that so many of us would be using it, and how innovative it would become in enhancing co... Read More

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