Grief Support

The role of the funeral home should not end with the delivery of the flowers after the funeral services are over. Aftercare is the funeral profession's term for the services provided after the flowers are delivered.

 After the funeral is over, there are many details to take care of (writing thank you notes, contacting your lawyer, bank accounts, life insurance, social security, etc.) There are also many questions which may arise regarding details to be addressed. Obviously, this can be an emotional and confusing time.

We offer to our families the opportunity for a personal and confidential at-home visit with one of our Aftercare Consultants. They can provide assistance with those details, answers to many questions, and help with the emotions you may be experiencing. With their experience and resources available to them our Aftercare Consultants have been able to help many families work through the period following a death. While they should not take the place of a certified counselor, they can help the bereaved find necessary assistance.  They can provide resources such as:

  • The description, meeting times, and location of local support groups.
  • Concise, descriptive bibliographies of books, videos and audio cassettes helpful in dealing with grief.
  • Grief and bereavement websites.
  • Referral to professional counselors.
  • Group presentations.

If you have any questions about our Aftercare Program or wish to know more about resources we provide, please feel free to contact us.

We wanted to make available on our website bibliographies of resources available at the Waterloo Public Library. These are books, videos, and audio materials which we have reviewed and think may be appropriate. These include resources for children, teenagers, and parents of grieving children, grieving parents, and a general list for adults. Also available are websites which can be accessed for information or allow you to seek others who are also grieving. 

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