Grief Support

    The role of the funeral home should not end with the delivery of the flowers after the funeral services are over.  “Aftercare” is the funeral profession’s terms for the services provided after that last delivery.  We prefer the term ‘Continuous Care.’  What is ‘Continuous Care?’  Continuous Care is a free support service provided by our funeral home for the weeks and months to come.  Continuous Care provides support and resources for individuals and families after a loss.

     It is true that there are many details to take care of from writing thank you notes to contacting a lawyer regarding estate matters, to settling life insurance and social security.  All of this can be tedious and stressful.  Continuous Care may be as simple as providing the family with additional thank you notes to be able to send to those who reached out in the family’s time of need.  It may be a simple phone call to talk through how to fill in a form for the insurance company or taking the time to read our Care Courier newsletter. 

     Continuous Care may also be more involved.  After the flowers are delivered there is the reality of each person grieving the loss of someone they loved.  The funeral is over, guests will leave and move on from this day.  But the family, the survivors will be left to grieve.  Every person grieves in their own way; it is a time where the mix of being alone and being with others is essential; having a support system over the next months is important. 
     Through our Continuous Care Program, we offer weekly support groups where all are welcome to come and be with others who have also lost a loved one.  All are welcome to our monthly ‘Dinner Out.’  No one understands the grief journey better than those who are walking it.   Finding “the new normal” can be long and challenging and grief support groups are there to do just that, “support” for as long as each person feels that it is necessary. Taking each step in a healthy way is the goal of each person in the group.

     At times those grieving “can feel stuck” and when that happens it is important to seek additional help through counselling. On our website we have suggested websites and a bibliography of books that might speak to each person about this journey.  Resources include spouse grief, young children’s and teen grief, parents, grandparents, friends’ grief.   Our Continuous Care Coordinator is glad to speak with you about what might be most helpful to you at any time.  The grief journey is one that one should not walk alone, know that we are here to assist in anyway that might help you.

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