Help for Children & Teenagers

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+YOUTH Adler, C.S., Daddy's Climbing Tree; 11 year old Jessica refuses to believe the reality of her father's death when he's killed in a hit-and-run accident. NY,1993.

PICTURE BOOK Boelts, Maribeth, Sarah's Grandma Goes To Heaven; a book about grief; A young girl comes to understand more about death, funerals, and heaven when her grandmother dies. Grand Rapids , MI , Zonderkidz Books, 2004.

EASY 155.937 BRE Breebaart, Joeri, When I Die, Will I Get Better? A 6 year old boy tries to come to terms with the death of his younger brother. NY, Bedrick Books, 1993.

 155.937 BRO Brown, Laurene Krasny, When Dinosaurs Die: A Guide to Understanding Death; Explains in simple language the feelings people may have regarding death of a loved one and the ways to honor the memory of someone who has died. Boston, 1996 .

PICTURE BOOK Buscaglia, Leo, The Fall of Freddie the Leaf; A classic story of how Freddie the leaf and his companions change with the seasons and ultimately fall to the ground with winter's snow. A touching allegory about the balance between life and death. 1982.

PICTURE BOOK Cazet, Denys, Christmas Moon; Patrick misses Grandpa especially at Christmas but his mother helps him to remember happy times with grandpa; Scarsdale, NY, Bradbury Press, c1984.

Young Adult Clark, Catherine,The Alison Rules; Alison tries to deal with the pain of her mother's death by sticking to rules until charming Richard moves to town and then she learns no matter what, life still happens to you. NY, Harper-Tempest, 2004.

PICTURE BOOK Cohn, Janice, I Had a Friend Named Peter, Talking to Children About the Death of a Friend; When Betsy learns about the death of a friend, her parents and kindergarten teacher answer questions about dying, and the burial process. NY, W. Morrow, c1987.

TEEN FICTION Crutcher, Chris, Running Loose; Louie, a high school senior in a small Idaho town, learns about sportsmanship, love, and death as he matures into manhood. NY, HarperTempest, 2003.

+FICTION DeClements, Barthe,The Fourth Grade Wizards; After her mother dies, Marianne becomes a daydreamer and begins to fall behind in her schoolwork. New York , Puffin Books, 1990.

PICTURE BOOK Demas, Corinne, Saying Goodbye to Lulu; When her dog, Lulu dies, a girl grieves but then continues with her life. NY, Little Brown, 2004.

155.937 DOW Dower, Laura, I Will Remember You: What to Do When Someone You Love DiesA Guidebook Through Death for Teens; NY: Scholastic, 2001.

PICTURE BOOK Durant, Alan, Always and Forever; When Fox dies, Mole and Hare are devastated. How can life go on without him? Then Squirrel comes to visit and the friends tell stories-Fox is still with them in their hearts and memories. Harcourt Books, FL, 2003.

PICTURE BOOK Engel, Diana, Eleanor, Arthur, and Claire; Although Claire, a young mouse, finds things change after her grandfather's death, she and her grandmother find the strength to go on without him. Macmillan, NY, 1992.

+155.937 GOO Gootman, Marilyn E., When a Friend Dies: A Book for Teens about Grieving and Dealing with Losses; A short book with gentle advise and compassionate wisdom. Minneapolis, Free Spirit, 1994.

PICTURE BOOK Harris, Robie H., Goodbye Mousie: A boy grieves for his dead pet Mousie, helps bury him, and begins to come to terms with his loss. NY, Margaret McElderry Books, 2001.

YOUNG ADULT FICTION Howe, Norma, The Adventures of Blue Avenger: A Novel; On his 16th birthday, still trying to cope with the unexpected death of his father, David decides to change his name to Blue Avenger hoping to find a way to make a difference in his neighborhood and the world. Holt, NY, 1999.

+155.937 HUG Hughes, Lynne, You Are Not Alone: Teens talk about life after the loss of a parent NY, Scholastic Press, 2005.

PARENT SHELF 155.937 JOH Johnson, Patricia P., Morgan's Baby Sister: A read-aloud book for families who have experienced the death of a newborn. Morgan tries to sort out and understand her feelings when her family's excited preparations for a new baby end with unexpected tragedy. Resource Publications, San Jose , CA., 1993.

EASY 393.9 JOH Johnston, Marianne, Let's Talk About Going to a Funeral; An easy to read book with photographs that explains what happens at a funeral and the words used. New York, Rosen Pub., Powerkids Press, 1996.

+362.28 KUE Kuehn, Eileen, After Suicide: living with the questions; The haunting Question-"why ?" -- Suicide survivors: the ones left to cope -- Grieving : dealing with the pain and loss -- Healing tools for suicide survivors -- Getting professional help -- Helping a suicide survivor heal. Life Matters, MN, 2001.

+155.937 LES LeShan, Edna J., Learning to Say Good-bye: When a Parent Dies: In simple, brief language, discusses questions, fears and fantasies children may have about the parent who has died and the people who are still alive. Macmillan, NY, 1976.

TEEN FICTION Lewis, Stewart, You Have Seven Messages, Teenages Luna, who lives on Manhattan's Upper West Side with her movie director father, tries to piece together the death of her mother with the seven unheard messages left on her forgotten cell phone. Delacorte Press, NY, 2011.

PICTURE BOOK Limb, Sue, Come Back, Grandma; Bessie misses her grandmother who has died. New York, Knopf, c1993.

PICTURE BOOK Loewen, Nancy, Saying Good-bye to Uncle Joe; No matter who your loved one was, this story can help you through the tough times. Picture Window Books, 2012.

PICTURE BOOK London, Jonathan, Liplap's Wish; Liplap wishes his grandmother who recently died was with him. San Francisco, Chronicle, 1994.

PICTURE BOOK Old, Wendie, Stacy Had a Little Sister; A little girl's baby sister dies of SIDS; Morton Grove , Ill. , A. Whitman, 1995.

YOUNG ADULT FICTION Pohl, Peter, I Miss You, I Miss You! A 14 yr old girl's twin sister is killed in a car accident leaving Tena to struggle with her loss and with reactions of those around her. NY, R & S Books, 1999.

PICTURE BOOK Portney, Mindy Avra, Where Do People Go When They Die? Children ask different adults questions about death and receive a wide variety of answers. MPS, MN, Kar-Ben Pub., 2004.

EASY 155.937 POW Powell, E. Sandy, Geranium Morning; 2 friends lose their parents and learn to deal with their grief. MPLS , MN , Carolrhoda Books, 1990.

YOUTH Reisfeld, Randi, What the Dog Said: Shortly after their police officer father is killed in the line of duty, 13-year Grace's older sister decides to adopt a dog to train as a service dog and it the grief-stricken Grace who ends up taking responsibility for the dog. Bloomsbury USA Children's Books, NY, 2012.

PICTURE BOOK Shriver, Maria, What's Heaven? After her grandmother's death, a young girl learns about heaven by asking her mother all kinds of questions. Illustrations, New York, Golden Books, 1999.

+Fiction Silbergerg, Alan, Milo: Sticky Notes and Brain Freeze; Seventh grade Milo Cruikshank misses his mother whose death has changed everything at home. Aladdin, NY, 2010.

YOUNG ADULT FICTION Willey, Margaret, Facing the Music; Through her love of music and membership in her brother's band, 16 yr old Lisa learns to deal with her feelings of abandonment following her mother's death. New York, Delacorte Press, 1996.

PARENT SHELF 155.937 WOL Wolfelt, Dr. Alan, Healing Your Grieving Heart-for Kids; 100 practical ideas.  Companion Press, Ft. Collins, CO, 2000.

TEEN FICTION Zarr, Sara, How to Save a Life: Told from their own viewpoints, 17-year old Jill, in grief over the loss of her father, and Mandy, nearly 19 are thrown together when Jill's mother agrees to adopt Mandy's unborn child but nothing turns out as they had anticipated. NY, 2011.

+VIDEO 791.4372 ANG Angels in the Endzone; After the sudden death of his father, Jesse, the most talented player on a footloose football team quits and loses all hope until angels come to the rescue. Walt Disney Home Video, 1997.

+DVD BRI Bridge to Terabithia; The life of a 10 year old boy expands when he becomes friends with a newcomer who subsequently meets an untimely death. A Newberry video collection. Random House, Westminster , MD , c1986., And Walt Disney Movie,2007.

ADULT and AUDIO DVD:  Connolly, John, The Book of Lost Things; Mourning the loss of his mother, David finds comfort in the books she left behind. But soon the make-believe world of the books melds with David's reality. His only hope is to find the king, whose Book of Lost Things could show David the way home. Boulder , CO , NetLibrary, 2006

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