William E. “Bill” Lane

Mar 10, 2021
Lane, William


No services are planned at this time due to Covid-19.





Memorials to Cedar Valley Hospice or to the Alzheimer’s Association.


William E. “Bill” Lane, 90, passed away Wednesday, March 10, 2021 at the Lakeview Landing, Friendship Village. He was born October 9, 1930 in Madrid, Iowa, son of Gerald and Ruth (Johns) Lane.  He graduated from high school in Lovilia, Iowa and UNI.  He served in the United States Navy. Bill married Jo-Ann Zimmerman on November 11, 1951, in Lovilia; she died July 25, 2017.


He began his teaching career at West Jr. in 1959. From 1961-1991 he taught at West High School and coached their basketball, football, and tennis teams. He was known as “Coach Wild Bill Lane” and has always been a West High Wahawk. He was inducted into the Wahawk Elite Coaches Hall of Fame. After retirement, Bill continued to play tennis competitively receiving many awards and accomplishments along the way such as, Senior Olympics, Iowa Tennis Hall of Fame, only to mention a few. 


Bill and Jo wintered in Tucson, Arizona for 20 years, playing tennis, a round of golf, always on the go. They referred to their home in Arizona as “Paradise.” They spent summers with family always enjoying the Mississippi River fishing and traveling to see everyone. 


He is survived by his daughters, Vicki Mauer and her husband Jay Anthony of Cedar Falls, Linda Lehti of Columbia, Tennessee, and Pat Walters and her husband Tom of Bettendorf; six grandchildren: Amy Galvin, Melissa (Sam) Winberg, Jerad Porth, Brian (Jackie) Walters, Sara (Nick) Ballinger, and Jennifer (Luke) Lawson; ten great grandchildren: Jay, Anthony and Mya Galvin, Isabella and Sloane Winberg, Isabeau and Persephone Walters, Zoie and Madeline Lawson, and Sydney Ballinger; and his sisters, Alice Stenseth of Calmar, Iowa and Bette Lindell of West Union, Iowa.


Bill is preceded in death by his wife; great grandson, Carter; brothers, Robert and Richard Lane; sisters, Nadine Taggart and Edna Hamilton; and a son in law, Sonny Lehti.


Bill was loved by all that knew him. His contagious smile and everlasting humor always filled the room.  He will long be remembered and missed. A very special, “Thank You” to the staff at Friendship Village who started as friends and soon became family.

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  1. greg bergeson | Mar 19, 2021
    condolences to the of the finest educators and coaches ever to spend their career at West.Above all that,a fine person who wanted the best for the students.some teachers just never leave your memory,coach lane surely one of the best.
  2. Tim McConville | Mar 19, 2021
    Very sorry to hear of Coach Lane’s passing. I appreciated his energy as a coach and his empathy as a person. One of the great ones. A life well lived it seems. RIP.
  3. John Bowlsby | Mar 19, 2021
    A life well lived. Thank you Bill, for your kindness and your generosity with your time. Your enthusiasm and encouragement touched the lives of so many people. We are all better people for having known you. 
  4. Adam Afridi | Mar 19, 2021

    This is a very sad day for myself and my whole family: dad, mom and brothers. Coach Bill Lane left an indelible mark on our lives.

    He was my older brothers’ tennis coach at West High through the mid 80's and mine until '91. That said, he was an important presence for much of my youth.

    Not only was he a great coach, but he was also a very kind person with a great sense of humor and tremendous spirit.

    He was universally loved because he himself was filled with so much love and passion for life.

    God bless, Coach Lane. It was truly a privilege.

    With my sincerest condolences to his family.

    Adam Afridi

  5. Jill Freshwaters | Mar 18, 2021

    This is such sad news. My dad was planning to visit Bill and take him to Dairy Queen this spring once the Covid restrictions loosened. 😢 Somehow we thought Bill might live forever.

    As my sister mentioned, my family has great memories of time spent with Bill and Jo-Ann. (and Dodds, Linde’s, and Al & Cathy Frerichs) Tennis was the common denominator for this group which led to great frienships and fun for all.

    i loved visiting my parents in Tucson because Bill and Jo-Ann were there, too. They introduced us to the Tucson way of life and indeed it is paradise!

    Bill will be sadly missed as Jo-Ann was before him. 

    Jim and Shirley Freshwaters and family send their condolences.





  6. ERNIE WENGER | Mar 16, 2021
  7. Charles and Terry Dutcher | Mar 16, 2021
    Charlie and I were so sorry to hear about Bill’s passing.  The Lanes were always such good friends to the whole Dutcher family.  The last time we saw Bill was when he was at Clara’s graveside service a couple years ago. Peace and Hugs. 
  8. Bill Forsberg | Mar 15, 2021

    My condolences to the Lane family. Coach Lane was the most signficant mentor I had growing up. He was always there for me in tennis, academics and personal advice. I remember great tennis times with Bill, Dale Anderson, Steve Greenfield, Nick Anton and many others. He also lived near my mom in Friendship Village and he was so nice to her as well. 


  9. Barb Dodd | Mar 15, 2021
    Wild Bill was a good guy and good friend to Bill Dodd. The hours they spent on the courts couldn’t be counted, as partners and opponents. He couldn’t ever contain his enthusiasm over anything and it was contagious. Linde, Dodd and Lane will enjoy one another’s company again!
  10. Kevin Duggan | Mar 15, 2021
    What can I say other than a life well lived. Great coach, mentor, teacher, man, on and on. I have so many fond memories from my days of tennis in Waterloo and BHTC. Since I played for another school, he was the opposing coach but such a class act. And I will never forget the Monday night tennis doubles between him, Glen Linde, Jim Freshwater, Jim Bailey and countless others. They enjoyed the game and competition so much. I'm sure it was hard for others to play at the same time as there was always so much banter going on. And Bill was always in the midst of it! Such a great guy. He will be missed. God bless Vicky, Linda, Patty and families. May he rest in peace.
  11. Steven Greenfield | Mar 15, 2021
    I have such amazing memories of Bill, who coached us in football, basketball and tennis.  He offered me my first job as a tennis teacher at Byrnes Park.  So many life lessons I learned from him: how to win, how to lose and learn, how to admit that I could be wrong and how to have fun.  My condolences to his daughters, who I remember as very cute kids all those years ago.  I am still playing tennis thanks to the foundation of fitness and enthusiasm that Bill Lane established. 
  12. Karmyn VanLengen | Mar 14, 2021
    My deepest sympathies to your family! I do not remember when your family lived next door but I do remember visiting your parents house with my mom. I also was lucky enough to have Mr Lane as a teacher for PE. When I started high school he told me he remembered when I was “knee high to a grasshopper!”. I have very fond memories of both your parents. 
  13. Nick Anton. Santa Rosa Ca. | Mar 14, 2021

    Bill was a great teacher and coachte. Our 1963 tennis team was 10-0 in duel meets. He was the same if we were 1-10 or 10-0. Along with Dale Anderson and his wife Marcia and I flew to Arizona to surprise Bill and his wife and get in some doubles. Marcia had Bill for math and remembers an antidote Bill related about his time in the navy. According to Bill he started at one end of his ship painting until he reached the other end of the boat then he would return to the other end and and start chipping off the paint only to start repainting all over again! “That’s my navy experience”!

        Bill will be missed!!


  14. Andy Knox-Dostale | Mar 14, 2021

    My sympathy to the Lane family ! What a great coach and all around good guy. Thanks for all the encouragement through the years on the tennis courts. 


    Andy Knox-Dostale



  15. Dale Anderson | Mar 14, 2021

    I could write a book about Bill Lane. What a guy! I think of his incredible energy and enthusiasm. My first contact with him was about 60 years ago when I tried out for the 8th grade football team. Every time I made a mistake -- one time I cost us the game -- Bill would tell me all the things I did right. 

    When I was setting up for the science fair, he could see I had no clue what I was doing, so he covered for me by setting up a totally different science experiment that he "happened to" have on hand.

    Finally, he was our high school tennis coach. I never was the player that Tommy Gray was, but Bill always was encouraging and enthusiastic about my play. 

    Long after my simple tennis skills had left me, my wife and I would fly to Tucson in the winter to play tennis, have dinner with Bill, Joanne, Forsberg, Anton, et al and tell lies about our times at West!

    RIP Coach -- you deserve it!


  16. Tommy Gray | Mar 14, 2021
    I heard this morning from my sister Julie that Coach had passed away.  I had Bill as a teacher at West Junior and West High, but he was also my tennis coach, mentor and life long friend.  Other than my parents he was the most influencial person in my life.  He was an elite coach, a role model, a teacher and a leader.  I am sad that I will never again experience the enthusiasm, energy and humor that made him so special.  My condolences to Linda, Patti and Vicki and their families for your loss.
  17. James Cole | Mar 14, 2021
    I'm sorry to hear of Bill's passing. In the 62 yrs. I knew bill. first as a teacher & then as a neighbor & friend. It was always enjoyable to be around him & his family. Things were never dull to be around Bill & Jo Ann. I remember on one fishing trip to Minn. Bill catching a Walleye of the dock at night and you could hear him yelling with delight all over the resort. Good friends are never forgotten. Linda, Patty, & Vicki know that our family is thinking of you.
  18. Dave Vandeventer | Mar 14, 2021
    Bill touched the lives of not only the players he coached, but of those on the teams that played against them. Having played high school tennis at both Marshalltown and Ames High, Bill was always smiling and encouraging. He was such a positive person in the Waterloo and state tennis community. Condolences to his family
  19. Tim Gorton | Mar 13, 2021
    One in a million. Thanks Coach for the memories and RIP. 
  20. Steve Cortright | Mar 13, 2021

    Had the pleasure having Bill as an instructor at both West Junior, ans subsequently at West High.  He was,for some reason known as ‘Wild Bill,’ although he wasnt really ‘wild,’ he was quite enthusiastic and way more, a very, very nice fellow. Thinking of his family at this time, and keeping you in my thoughts.



  21. Jean Freshwaters Petsche | Mar 13, 2021
    My parents have such wonderful memories with Bill and Jo, in Waterloo, Tucson, and also in Minnesota. I'll never forget Bill announcing, as he and Jo walked in to our cabin, "We would have been here sooner, but did you know how many Dairy Queens there are along the way!?" One place they played tennis in Bemidji, MN, was owned by a DQ. In order to use the court, the players had to first buy ice cream! As regulars, they were allowed to leave money at the DQ and eat their ice cream after playing. We all loved Bill!
  22. Donn Harris | Mar 13, 2021

    I have an unmailed letter on my desk. It was intended for my friend Bill Lane. I will share a couple of sentences from the letter that I wish that I had sent: “Meeting you when I was a youngster was one of the best things that ever happened to me. I looked up to you like a father, and I am certain that there are other men who would say the same thing. Yes, you were my tennis teacher, coach, and classroom teacher, but you were also an excellent role model of a gentleman.”

    God bless you, Bill, for all of the joy you gave to so many of us.

  23. Mark Hanson | Mar 13, 2021

    Thanks, Coach for the thousands of young people whose lives you touched.  You made us all believe we could do anything.  Your enthusiasm for life was infectious and brightened the day for everyone you came in contact with.  

    Coach Bill Lane...Well done.


  24. Mark Knapek | Mar 12, 2021
    Such a great Coach and Man! We all loved Coach Wild Bill and will miss him but will get to relive all the good memories of our times with him at West High. Thanks Coach. 
  25. Marie Easter | Mar 12, 2021

    So sad to see this, I loved Bill and Jo-Anne, West High connection as well as clients for many years.  They were fun and delightful to work with.  


    My thoughts and prayers to his family.


    Marie Easter

  26. Jenny Dodd | Mar 12, 2021
    So sorry to hear of the passing of, as my dad called him, Wild Bill. I could just imagine the storys that my dad, Bill Dodd, Bill Lane and Glen Linde are rehashing over old tennis matches, while in heaven❤️
  27. REBECCA LEE VARNOLD | Mar 12, 2021
    so sorry to hear this news. Bill was so much fun to be around!

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