Personalizing a Gathering & Celebration


Show me the manner in which a nation cares for its dead
and I will measure with mathematical exactness the tender mercies
of its people, their respect for the law of the land,
and their loyalty to high ideals.

- Sir William Gladstone

A funeral can and should be as unique as the life that is being celebrated. Don't feel you have to have a cookie cutter type of service or that your ideas for a special ceremony are foolish.

You shouldn't feel pressured or rushed into making a decision. We want to help you make the arrangements that you want.

Personalizing a Gathering or Celebration can be very therapeutic--it gives you and your family something to concentrate on as you relive memories.  It's also welcomed by family and friends attending a gathering or celebration because it gets them involved and provides a topic of conversation when they might otherwise not know what to say. We offer many ways to personalize a service.

Ask questions and make suggestions; we want to assist you in any way we can to ensure that your loved one is memorialized in a meaningful way.  Some options include:

Celebration Options

Every service should be personalized to commemorate the life lived through the details of the service.

  • Special Music

    Favorite music may be played and sung at the service. Some families choose to have an instrument solo, vocalist, hymn or a favorite CD played during the service.

  • Eulogize

    Family and friends share a thought at the service.

  • Favorite Scripture or Poem

    Biblical passages or special poems can be utilized to personalize the foundation of your funeral service.

  • Personalized Memorial Package

    Service folders, register books, acknowledgment cards and thank you cards can be personalized by a family written obituary and a color picture.

  • A Time of Fellowship

    Consider a time following the Celebration to gather with friends and family in a time of fellowship or a meal. This provides an opportunity to continue the time for sharing stories and memories to keep the memories close.

Gathering Opportunities

  • Memory Table and Memorabilia

    A table displayed with memories from photos, hobbies, family albums, and other personal treasures such as, golf clubs, musical instruments, trophies, and personal projects

  • Memory Cards

    Memory Cards designed specifically for family and friends to share their favorite memories on a card and given to the family or shared at the service.

  • Family Video

    Family photos displayed and choreographed with music, and played during the visitation for family and friends.

  • Background Music

    Favorite music played as you visit with family and friends.

  • Special Ceremony

    Some families prefer special services such as: Rosary, Vigil, Masonic, or an Eastern Star Service.

  • Family Dinner

    Have dinner with the family at a local restaurant after the visitation.

Memorialization Thoughts

Keepsakes, mementos, and memorialization options.

  • Memory Chest

    Wooden chest filled with memorabilia of the family to put in the casket, or a chest filled with memorabilia of the deceased kept by the family.

  • Flag Case

    Honor your veteran by preserving the American Flag in a solid wood display case.

  • Shadow Flower Box

    Wooden framed box with pictures, flowers, memorabilia, and mementos preserved in an enclosed glass shadow box frame.

  • Favorite meal after service

    Enjoy a meal which was a favorite of your loved one at the fellowship lunch.

  • Planting of a tree

    Plant a tree in remembrance of your loved one.

  • Rose dipped in gold

    A memento of the service kept by preserving a long stemmed rose fully dipped in 24K gold or a lacquered rose dipped in 24K gold with highlights on the pedals.

  • Memorial seeds

    Plant some annual flower seeds and watch them grow in abundance and then share their beauty.

  • Laminated obituary or service folder

    Obituary or service folder laminated on a bookmark or on custom stationary. The obituary may be family written or reproduced from the newspaper.  (A color picture is optional on custom stationary.)

  • Photo Book

    Photos digitally scanned and beautifully arranged in a book for the grandchildren.

  • Memento Jewelry

    Keepsake jewelry is available that is designed to hold symbolic portions of the remains or a locket of hair.

  • Fingerprint Impression Keepsake

    Lasting keepsakes capturing a fingerprint of your loved one.  Available in Gold or Silver.

  • Commemorative Rosaries and Jewelry

    Flowers dried and crafted into a custom rosary or jewelry keepsake.

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