Payment Policy

Many people plan ahead for their last rites and the costs associated with them. Financially, their plans may include a prepaid funeral plan, life insurance, savings or investments. For others death comes unexpected and without the opportunity to plan or prepare.

It is important to be realistic about funeral expenditures. We do not want anyone to spend more than they are able to pay. It is our desire to offer affordable options to everyone, regardless of their situation.

As in all other transactions you are involved in, payment for our services,
merchandise, and advance payments to others on your behalf is due at the time arrangement for the services are made.  We know this can present an unneeded burden at a difficult time. Please visit with us about any special circumstances which you face.

 Acceptable Methods of Payment: To assist you in meeting these payment requirements, we offer the following payment alternatives.  

Option 1: Pre-funded funeral arrangements

Option 2: Cash Transaction   We accept Cash, Check, Cashier’s Check or Money Order

Option 3: Credit Card payment We accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover & American Express or a combination thereof

Option 4: Assignment of verifiable life insurance. We work with an Insurance Assignment Processing Company to access life insurance funds. A processing fee is charged by the Insurance Assignment Processing Company. They make the verification, filing, and claim process easier and faster than possible for either of us.  If it is determined the insurance is not assignable, has lapsed, or is invalid for any reason, an alternate payment option will be necessary.

Estate Payment Policy: Because funds will not be immediately available from a deceased’s estate, we request that payment be made by you, and then you may be reimbursed by the deceased’s estate once an estate is opened.

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