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The use of an outer burial container is not required by state, county, or local law; rather, it is a requirement of most cemeteries. Its use is maintenance requirement, in order to keep graves from settling. There are essentially two types of outer burial containers: a sealed type vault which is designed to not only support the weight of the earth but also prevent water and other outside elements from entering the vault. The other type is a grave liner. Grave liners meet the minimum cemetery requirements but they do not seal and they are not as strong as a vault. The cost of a vault is primarily a factor of its strength. Single reinforced vaults have a heavy-duty plastic that is bonded to the concrete to give the vault more strength. Double reinforced vaults have, in addition, a layer of metal lining the inside of the vault to afford even more protection. The triple reinforced vault is the strongest vault with its concrete encased in high impact plastic and its interior lined with bronze. Another contributing factor to strength of the vault is the carapace, which is found on the lid of the vault from the Venetian up. The carapace acts to even further distribute the weight of the earth. The price for the outer burial containers and vaults does not include the cemetery set-up and delivery charge. We have separated this charge so that you as a consumer can more accurately compare prices.