Solid Bronze and Copper Caskets

Bronze has proven its permanence and ability to endure many of the natural elements through time. Bronze has been used for thousands of years, as far back as 3500 B.C., in the construction of tools and statues that still exist today in their natural form and appearance. Copper is a precious metal that, like bronze, is naturally resistant to rust and corrosion. There is perhaps no finer example of the strength and permanence of copper than the Statue of Liberty.
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  • Regency Bronze

    Regency Bronze

    Brushed Ebony Finish / 14k Gold Plated Hardware / Arbutus Velvet...
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  • Harrison Bronze

    Harrison Bronze

    Brushed Natural Golden Fawn Finish / Champagne Velvet...
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  • Court Bronze

    Court Bronze

    Brushed Natural Silver Rose Finish / Light Pink Velvet...
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  • Lincoln Copper

    Lincoln Copper

    Brushed Natural Heritage Bronze Finish / Almond Velvet...
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  • Lincoln Copper Lilac

    Lincoln Copper Lilac

    Brushed Natural Lilac Finish / Pink Velvet...
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5 products