All on line orders must be placed by noon the day of visitation or by noon the day before services in order to ensure on time delivery. If the order needs to be delivered sooner, or for weekend orders for a Sunday service, please call Petersen & Tietz directly at (866) 280-4084 or (319) 234-6883.

Blooming Plants

Our seasonal blooming plants are fresh from our own greenhouses.  We offer cyclamen, mums, kalanchoes, hibiscus, and other seasonally available plants.  We can easily combine 2 or 3 plants together for a large family. This living bouquet can easily be taken home by family members.

Premium (in ceramic pot or tin with bow) + $10
2 Plants combined in a Peanut Basket + $20
3 Plants combined in a Peanut Basket + $40

Plant Type:
Azalea (available seasonally) + $20
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